Stylish, fun, and powerful, our Turbo Como is the first e-bike to combine good-looks with utility. So whether you're headed to your local bakery to pickup a fresh baguette, commuting to work, or out on a weekend ride with friends, the Turbo Como will have you smiling.

Looks that Reflect the Ride

Como is a beautiful bike that makes you look and feel good. It comes off as relaxed, and that's intentional since this is a bike that's meant to casually get you around town as efficiently as possible.


Ground Control Geometry

Start easy, stop easy. Como's geometry gives you complete control and confidence when you're riding and stopping. Want to put a foot down at a light? No problem.


Integrated Turbo e-Bike Technology

Experience full integration with an integrated, removable, and lockable battery. Our Specialized e-Bike Motors are the smoothest and quietest bottom bracket motors on the planet. And with the integrated battery, we put the total package in a more streamlined chassis. Sweeeeeet.


It's You, Only Faster

Introducing the Turbo Como

Sure, going fast is fun, but being comfortable and looking stylish are equally important attributes. If only all of this were possible on a bike, let alone one bike. Lucky for you, the Turbo Como is the first of its kind—a fully integrated e-bike that has the style and range to get you where you need to go quickly, comfortably, and with class.