Hikers on Mt. Tam used to say we're crazy. Roadies called it a fad. Clunkers, tension discs— we left our eyes open, heads down, and kept designing. We kept evolving, and today, the Turbo Levo FSR embodies a design unimaginable 40 years ago—a trail bike with 530 watts of power on the climbs. A trail bike that gives you the power to ride more trails.


Tons of power, nearly instant pedal engagement, and consistent torque throughout the entire cadence range makes the Levo's motor one of the most efficient out there on the trail. And more importantly, it creates the feel of a capable trail bike.



Fully integrated with the down tube for easy removal and quick charging, it has a long lifespan and a position on the frame meant for optimal weight distribution. Our Mission Control App also gives you full control of the battery and lets you easily switch between modes without taking your hands from the bars.


Mission Control App

This app helps you overcome "battery range anxiety" by allowing you to custom tune nearly every aspect of the bike, creating a ride that's truly yours.

You have to try it. I mean, you can feel however you like about it, but it's really fun to ride.

Matt Hunter

The Power to Ride More Trails

Meet the Turbo Levo FSR Carbon

We often forget the true spirit of why we ride—to enjoy ourselves. But what do you do when those ear-to-ear grins slowly fade as you fall into the habit of riding the same routes, day in and day out?

It's You, Only Faster

Turbo Technology

Our passion for marry cutting-edge technology with life-changing experiences results in bike technology unlike anything you’ve ever seen or ridden.